The land, man and technology are the three foundations that continue to underlie the work and commitment of the Righetti family. Vine growers and wine makers for three generations, they have tied their destiny to the rich and fertile land of Valpolicella. An area of ancient origins, its name is derived from the latin ‘poli’ and ‘cella’, meaning ‘land of many wine cellars’….

“Monteci Amarone” and “Le Capeline Pinot Grigio” are the brightest stars. These are the latest additions and yet ready to crown the current range.
 The wine names are taken from nicknames used at certain times within the Righetti family. “Costa delle Corone” is the trademark that these wines carry. This is a clear reference to the name of vineyard, which has always been in the possession of the Righetti family. This famous vineyard is located near Fumane, historically the center of production area of the Amarone wine. This is a long-term project, which engages the Righetti family in an everlasting challenge to produce brilliant and unique wines of great personality that in recent years have achieved widespread success.