Owned by Bacchanal Wine Imports, Poggio della Torre represents the direct involvement of Bacchanal’s family into the selection of the wines. This unique advantage guarantees consumers the highest quality for the best price. Each year, the selection is made in strict collaboration with the winemakers and the producers from various regions throughout Italy, so that consistency and quality are maintained year after year.

Poggio della Torre is produced in cooperation with Cesare Salvadori, who established the winery in 1930. Today the winery is in hands of the family’s third generation, where Francesco — who graduated from the Enology School in Florence — is in charge of winemaking and production. The winery is located in the Chianti production area in the hills near Vinci, the famous city where Leonardo was born.

The name Poggio della Torre is inspired by two of the most typical and characteristic elements of the Tuscan landscape: Gracious Hills (Poggio) and Beautiful Towers (Torre). Ever since this brand’s conception, the goal for Bacchanal has been to preserve the very old traditional methods for Chianti production, as a conceptual answer to more modern Chianti.