Carlo Giacosa is located in the heart of the village of Barbaresco. Before the Nebbiolo grape became the “Queen” of Barbaresco ruling the hills around the village, Donato Giacosa, founder of the small farm, decided to link his life to the Nebbiolo grape and the terroir of the Langhe region. In the 60’s, thanks to the additional help of his son Carlo, Donato Giacosa started the direct production of wines from the family vineyards, thus continuing the tradition of the vine cultivation. Donato knew the art of “grafting,” and his testimony and expertise helped several other wine growers form Piedmont to become the region it is now.

Today the winery produces 35,000 bottles, and many people are still thankful to Donato’s old know-how. The work in the farm continues with the addition of Carlo’s wife, Carla, and one of their daughters, Maria Grazia. The vine cultivation follows traditional methods, and it is enhanced with the family passion and tradition