Born in Pavia in 1949, winemaker Teresio Schiavi moved to Franciacorta in 1978. He started Mirabella in the heart of the Franciacorta a year later with his partner Giacomo Cavalli, and the two of them produced the first 3,200 bottles in 1980. Mirabella began production with about 11 hectares but rapidly grew to 16 hectares with the additional plantings of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc.

Between 1980 and 1984, Mirabella continued to expand by transforming from a Cooperative into an Agricultural Society. In 1985, the company headquarters moved from Paderno Franciacorta to its current location in Rodengo Saiano, and the larger facilities and underground cellars provided them with more space to efficiently process grapes. Additionally, the humidity and temperature were optimal for aging on the lees and in bottle. The overall production area grew to 40 hectares, which allowed MIrabella to produce 450,000 bottles per year of Franciacorta DOCG, Brut, Rosé, Satèn, Vintage and Reserves.

Mirabella is careful to not neglect the eco-compatibility in both the vineyard — where production is certified with low environmental impact — and in the cellar — where they source 100% of energy from renewable sources.