The farming company Fiegl is located in Oslavia, a village located on the gentle slopes north of Gorizia. Its historical origin can be traced back to a vineyard called “Meja,” which was purchased in 1782 under the name of Fiegl Valentino. Now more than two centuries later, brothers Alessio, Giuseppe and Rinaldo are running the estate. The property consists of 30 hectares of land, 25 of which are dedicated to vineyards.

The Friuli Isonzo DOC is located in the far southeastern part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia bordering Slovenia, and it is one of the top wine producing areas within the larger Friuli region. The soil is rich in ponca (the local name for ‘clay’) and the climate is temperate, a result of the closeness of the Adriatic Sea and the presence of northeast winds. These create the perfect wine-growing conditions – for white wines especially – and Fiegl’s wines are a testament to just how perfect they can be.