Tenuta Amelia, also known as "La Rossa" ("The Red") for the traditional color of the ancient manor house and its centuries-old farmhouses, rises from the center of the splendid Marecchia valley, embracing both banks of the river. The estate owes its name to Carolina Amalia of Brunswick, the wife of George IV, the king of England, who resided here for prolonged periods and whose memories still grace the villa. At the dawn of the 1900s the estate was restored to its original splendor thanks to Gea della Garisenda, the famous operetta singer and wife of Senator Teresio Borselino. Today the estate has over 160 cultivated hectares, featuring vineyards that produce the renowned wines of "Tenuta Amalia", all available for sampling at the Cantina della Gea.
The Tenuta includes two restaurants, "Rò e Bunì" and "e Cròin".