Colli Etruschi


The agricultural Company Colli Etruschi was born in 1965 near Blera (Viterbo) and is a cooperative that aggregates currently about 380 members for a total of more than 800 hectares of olive groves. The Colli Etruscgi Cmpany has a modern mill and manufactures a very high quality oil thanks to the repeated and strict controls at every stage of production faced by the olive groves of the shareholders and all stages of production. The harvest, to hand picking is carried out, divided by cultivar, between October and the second week of November. The extraction is achieved by centrifugation, the storage of the extra virgin olive oil takes place in air-conditioned environment at 15/17 degrees in stainless steel tanks in nitrogen saturation. Before each stage of packaging, every product is analyzed to determine their compliance with the set quality parameters. The levels of excellence achieved by the final product are taken in comparison both nationally and internationally.
From a natural area in the province of Lazio, located between the Tolfa Mountains and the Lakes, Vico and Bracciano, comes this well recognized oil. The area, also known as Tuscia, is the historic land of the Etruscans.
Over the years, we’ve had several requests for this noted olive oil. Although produced by a cooperative, and not a single-estate bottling, we’ve decided to include it on our list.
Great care is taken with same-day, continuous-cycle, first-cold pressing of quality Caninese olives. The production is carefully supervised by Agronomist Nicola Fazzi of the Colli Etruschi Cooperative in the Etruscan town of Blera. You’ll find these Cannino olives yield a bold and fruity oil. The taste is very fresh, green, grassy, herbal, and bold, without being overpowering. One may also detect an element of tomato leaves.

Colli Etruschi offers versatility and adds flavor to antipasti, pasta and vegetable dishes, and both poultry and red meat main dishes.

Colli Etruschi has several regional and national awards to its credit:

Flos Olei - 97/100, 2016.
Slow Food - Le Chiocciole and Noted Estate, 2013.
Slow Food - Two Olives recognition, 2012.
Gran Menzione at SOL in Verona, April 2010.
Gli Extravergini dell'Emozione, Slow Food, April 2010.
Gold Award at the Monocultivar Olive Oil Expo in Milan, May 2010.

Nicola Fazzi has been the director of the local cooperative founded in 1965. He is shown here with his daughter, Isabella, who works with him to promote the olive oils of Colli Etruschi.