Bacaro is a collaboration brought to us by Bacchanal Wine Imports, and it represents the direct involvement of Bacchanal’s family into the selection of the wines. This unique advantage guarantees consumers the highest quality for the best price. The selection is made in strict collaboration with the wine maker and the producer each year so that consistency is maintained year after year.

Bacaro is produced in collaboration with Botter for Bacaro Pinto Grigio and Bacaro Pinot Grigio Rose. And also with the Fiegl winery for Bacaro Chardonay, Bacaro Cabernet and Bacaro Merlot.

Headed by the third generation of the family, Botter has almost a century of life and is one of the leading Italian wineries on the export market. Over the years, Botter has guaranteed to its customers the highest quality and has gained recognition from top international client thanks to high service, quality, flexibility and innovation. Botter cooperates with the most qualified producers in Veneto, Apulia, Molise, Abruzzo and Sicily. The strong relationship begins in the vineyards and carries all the way through production cycles and bottling.

The farming company Fiegl is located in Oslavia, a village located on the gentle slopes north of Gorizia. Its historical origin can be traced back to a vineyard called “Meja,” which was purchased in 1782 under the name of Fiegl Valentino. Now more than two centuries later, brothers Alessio, Giuseppe and Rinaldo are running the estate. The property consists of 30 hectares of land, 25 of which are dedicated to vineyards.

The name Bacaro refers to the typical ‘Bacari’ in Venice. Having a snack in bacari is an established habit in Venice. Snacks in Venetian bacari are called cicheti (chee-keh-tee) and they are usually ordered together with a small glass of wine (called ombra in Venetian dialect, which literally means shadow).