Italy has the greatest diversity of grapes in the world. With its winemakers motivated for the highest quality, Italians are boosting the wine industry to an incredible level of progress, excellent quality and generating some of the best wines values in the world.

During our formative years living in Italy, we have been involved with wine in one way or another for about as long as we can remember. We grew up in families where food and wine were very important; we learnt how to cook and how to distinguish flavors from my mother and there was often a bottle of wine on the dinner table that our parents would have picked from his selection from Sicily, Tuscany or Piedmont.
Traveling in Italy during the selection of the Bacchanal wine portfolio, we experienced the importance of that kind of quality that comes from the closest awareness to the importance of the terroir and of our roots. Visiting our growers from Piedmont to Friuli, from Tuscany to Sicily a common language was found: the care for the vineyards, the cellar and the legacy of each single family tradition.
A real passion and dedication!
Today, through Bacchanal Wines, (which means: reach festivity to celebrate Bacchus) we like to think and perform according to our personal and business life where there is a strong link to my heritage, our experiences and our terroir.

In the lively and vibrant city of New York, our company mission has been to import wines that represent the highest quality and meet our challenging standards as regards to character and winemaking. Our mission is also to transfer our experience and knowledge to consumers that want to know and learn more about the Wine World bringing them the wide range of grape varietals from Italy, inviting palates to appreciate the diversity of Italian wines through the appealing experience of our selections which represent the legacy and the tradition of the Italian wine-making spirit.
We strongly believe that our portfolio is a great opportunity to break into the Italian wine category. In fact, we import small-medium size wine producers that represent the genuine tradition in the local wine-making, often using indigenous grapes that embody characteristics particular to their origin and region.
Many of our producers make use of organic and/or bio-dynamic farming which is a guarantee of a stricter legacy to the terroir.

Team Bacchanal

100% Made in Italy