Wines that are out of the ordinary!
Yes, that’s how the Corte Quaiara wines are: out-of- the-box! To my mind, they’re the best way for me to convey who I am and what I do. Some of the grape varieties that I grow are unusual for the production zone in which I happen to be, but here in our area they benefit from an ideal habitat. Each one of my wines has a precise significance for me; it is the result of a choice that I continue to make, vintage after vintage, and this gives me the courage and enthusiasm to persevere in my work, which – every day – helps me grow, as a man and as a winemaker.

The Morainic Hills
The soil in which my vines sink their roots is of glacial origin. At one time, the whole of this zone was covered in water, which solidified and then melted during the great glaciations that took place several millennia ago. The legacy that the Ice Age has left us is an extremely complex terrain, which is very rich in minerals but rather lacking in nutrients: it is a type of soil that forces the vines to give of their best, and at the same time imbues all of my wines with a marked tanginess, reminiscent of the sea that lay here thousands of years ago.

The people
My sister Anna is by my side in this “adventure”, as well as other people, all of whom are important for the growth of Corte Quaiara. Among them, I really have to mention Antonio Obardi, a farmer d’antan who used to talk to the vines and - in turn - knew how to pay attention to their every need. Antonio was my mentor: every day I learned from him how to deepen my relationship with the vines that he has been growing ever since I was a boy.